This passport remains the property of the Crown / Този паспорт е собственост на република България
Step 1: Prepare your jars for pickling by cleaning them thoroughly and ensuring they are the right size to fit your citizenship.
Step 2: Place four tea spoons of salt in each jar.  
Step 3: Pour as much vinegar into each ar that you feel will neutralise the citizenships.
Step 4: In each jar, place pepper. The type of pepper may vary depending on your aim, for this recipie white, green and red pepper was used.
Step 5: Place first passport into the jar
Step 6: Place second passport into the jar
Step 7: Adjust each passport to ensure the photo pages can be seen by those who need to identify your nationalit(ies)
Step 8: Fill the first jar with water, ensuring the passport is completely submurged.
Step 9: Fill the second jar, ensuring the passport is entirely below water.
Step 10: Tighten the lid on the jar.
Step 11: Close the second jar.
Step 12: Gather the bits of dill from the table.
Step 13: Remove the salt, pepper and dill from the table
Step 14: Wipe the table clean
Step 15: Plaace the jars in a safe place, away from direct sunlight