Screenprinted fabric sewn into clothes, video, photography, participatory conversations project

'Naturalisations' started off with the making of screen printed clothing and with time became a long term multi-part project. For a more detailed account of its development, please click here for my blog. 
I moved to England on the 23rd of August 2013, aged 11. The way my documentation changed my immigration status, thus my rights, the way I am perceived, and the things I worry about were central in the making of this project. 
The shifting importance of my documentation, from the 7 years of my folder of documents being the most important thing I have, to when I acquired my British Citizenship, was the spark that started this project. 

Although the shirt is the physical outcome of the project, I feel like the work is also within the act of wearing it, the conversations that come from it, and the documentation of the shirt itself.
'Naturalisations' was exhibited at Ones To Watch 2022 in Leeds , Fresh 2022 in Thirsk, and as part of my solo exhibition at Avrtikl Gallery in Sofia. 
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