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Hello, I'm Kristina Nenova. I'm a Bulgarian interdisciplinary artist and workshop facilitator based in West Yorkshire, currently in my final year of BA Fine Art at Leeds Beckett University. 
My studio practice varies between sound, video, photography, textiles, and storytelling. I tend to work with themes of sense of belonging, identity, and protest, often through using or creating an archive. 
Currently, my focus is on two running themes within my work: sound and photography, and how the two can come together to explore the notion of identity and passed down traditions and practises; and the way archival material and its influence and re-creation can inform our present way of life and art making. Due to my work's performative nature, I also tend to utilise video within my practice. 
I also do collaborative work, mostly in the form of workshops. I am part of a Leeds based collective called Hold It Up, along with artists Frankie Mazzotta and Florian Hynam. For more info about my collective click here. 
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